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by metalsmith & jeweler, Gypsy~Rose


Geek Jewelry Designs by Che' Designs

This area will showcase some of Gypsy~Rose's gamer jewelry. Gypsy~Rose's handmade jewelry for geeks blurs the line between plausible magical items and tangible magical pieces. If nothing else, the sheer fact that you HAVE a +2 ring should stun your DM into considering letting your character have one, in game.

Gypsy~Rose is willing to help your character on their way by sending along a note of magical authenticity. Just let her know a little bit about your character and she will include it with your order, for your DM's approval.

If that doesn't work then buying a magical piece of gamer jewelry for your DM may do the trick!


Gypsy~Rose has something for almost every gamer's style and, if you see something you like but you need a different color, stone, metal, (or want to order multiple items), just drop Gypsy~Rose a line and she will work with you to create something completely You-nique within your budget!

This site is under construction, please bookmark and check back in for even more items!

Current Galleries that Carry Che' Designs Jewelry are: Salon 263, in Nashua, NH and the Jenny Wren Gallery, in Rochester, NH.


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Gamer Jewelry: Ancient crown ring design, based on medieval Russian crown rings. Shown in Sterling Silver, also available in brass or gold.

Gamer Jewelry: Japanese chain mesh / maille earrings, handmade in sterling silver, titanium, Swarovski crystals, Iolite cabochons & glass beads.

Geek Jewelry: Protozoa ring, handmade in sterling silver, also available in copper, gold or brass. Satin finish on planished / pounded base.

Geek or Gamer Jewelry: Mood ring, handmade in sterling silver with mica, magnification glass &mood material, made in your size, other metals available also.

Contact Gypsy~Rose for information on any of the above pieces of geek jewelry, or for a custom piece of gamer jewelry for you!


More Silver Jewelry, Enamel Jewelry & Other Fine Jewelry for Sale!


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