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Gypsy~Rose is an artist, from New Hampshire, (USA), that designs and *handmakes* each pair of costume horns that are shipped! She has been making movie-quality , XL, costume hornss since 2001! Her costume horns have been in multiple films and have been donned by customers all over the world, (including the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creators and Clive Barker, to name a few)!


GypsyRoses.Org has two areas now:

1) the main site, (here), where items are made-to-order and take can take up to 4-6 weeks to process and

2) the in stock area, where items are in-stock and can get to you more quickly.

The items on the main site, (GypsyRoses.Org), usually come in pre-set colors. Custom colors are often available and usually cost $15 more, depending on the item. Please contact Gypsy~Rose if you have a custom color that you'd like and visit the Custom or F. A. Q. areas for more details *before* requesting a custom design.

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If you require a non-PayPal payment please contact Gypsy~Rose.

Thank you for visiting, Gypsy~Rose looks forward to helping you to... "be a character!" ™



Gypsy~Rose is a work-at-home Mom and artist / designer from the New Hampshire - Maine border. She graduated from Maine College of Art, (MECA), in 1996 with a BFA in Metalsmithing & Jewelry and started GypsyRoses.Org in 2001, specializing in costume horns.

Gypsy~Rose's inspiration comes from many different things, from Asian art to South American Bronze and Copper work to myths! She has been inspired over the years, in her more whimsical art, by Dungeons and Dragons, Cthulhu, other games and, of course, nature and Spirituality. She believes that art is an expression that needs to be released and is something joyous that can bring one to laughter or even tears of joy. She hopes that her work as brought some light into people's lives, even if it just brought a little smile to their face or a "wow!" to their lips. She loves creating costume horns and looks forward to doing more of it!

Gypsy~Rose feels very blessed to be able to do what she loves, be with her children AND do her art! She also is very grateful for the wonderful customers that she has had over the years... she only wishes that she could meet more of them face-to-face! With customers spanning the globe from here in the US to Spain to the UK, the Netherlands, Canada and many places in between that may never happen but one never knows!

If you'd like to meet Gypsy~Rose, in person, please contact Gypsy~Rose. Gypsy~Rose also does art instruction, jewelry classes, digital photography classes and fine art classes. If you are interested in having Gypsy~Rose do a workshop for your group, organization or friends or you would like personal instruction in art please contact her and she will be happy to chat with you!

To see a little about Gypsy~Rose's Asian influences please visit her new Asian Art area! GypsyRoses.Org also now has a cosplay makeup and anime hair area where people can learn how to make the rest of them look as good as their costume! Gypsy~Rose also created a Mini Gypsy Vardo and a site with some images and videos about it.

Contact Gypsy~Rose with any questions or to place a custom order. Thank you for reading!


A few customer comments:

"Hope you like the way your horns look, [in the photo I sent], they were fantastic. I got some many compliments on this costume..." -M. in the US 2010


"I absolutely love my horns. I have been complimented time after time and continue to send people to your site. I thought I would send you a photo so you could see that they are being put to good use! THANK YOU AGAIN!" -E., 2010


"Hi Shannon, WE GOT THEM & they are beautiful! They are gonna go so good with our costumes I can barely stand it. We will send yall pictures as soon as we get back from Renn Fest... Thank You so, so much, they are everything we hoped they'd be & more!" -T. in the US 2010


"Hi Gypsy Rose! Many years ago, maybe 3, maybe 4, you made me an awesome ‘foam’ unicorn horn to use on my pony. It is really awesome, and I’ve been selected this year to be the unicorn for 9 weeks at the local Ren Faire. This is a first, as usually unicorn horns look so hoky the management doesn’t bother. But of course yours looks awesome! I would like to order 2 more horns, as back-ups. The faire opens in July, and since I’d like the horns with a little room to spare, hopefully this gives us enough time to work together. Thanks very much!" M. in the US 2010


"Yeah! Thanks so much (again). I love love love the horns that got here already. And they do seem to stay on quite well. They're really fabulous. I'm impressed : ) Peace!" -Z. in the US 2009


"Hello, Oh! I am so glad you like the photos, I am so happy about how they turned out! Your antlers are stunning and look so real in the images. Thanks!" -T in Canada 2010


"They were great and I got so many compliments [on my trimmed, custom Malice III's]! Also, K. wore his Nature vs. Nurture one day with just jeans and a tshirt and we still got stopped everywhere. We told everyone who commented on them just where they could find them too. Thank you!" -L. in the US 2008


"Shannon, I received the wolf mask today. It looks great! Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly. I’ll send you a photo of the actor wearing the mask at the end of March or so… Thanks again!" - C. in the US 3/07


"Hey Shannon! Just wanted to let you know, the shipment arrived today! Wow! I've tried it all on, and, what can I say, it's just brilliant! I look fantastic in it! The points and mask really work well together, the colours suit perfectly and I can't help thinking I look like some kind of bizarre ram/wolf hybrid, it's just incredible!!! The tail is just the right length too, and as you said the colours match really well! I'll get a few pics done in the next few days, but I wanted to let you know straight away that it all got here safe :) Thanks again so much for this little lot! :D Cheers! M." UK customer 2005


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