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Welcome to GypsyRoses.Org's costume horns area!

Here you will find lightweight large costume horns unlike anywhere else! These pieces of costume accessories are designed and created, from start to finish, by Gypsy~Rose, a New Hampshire, (USA), costume artist. If you're looking for movie-quality costume accessories that will blow people minds away and keep their eyes on you, look no further!

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GypsyRoses.Org has two areas now:

1) the main site, (here), where items are made-to-order and take can take up to 4-6 weeks to process and

2) the in stock area, where items are in-stock and can get to you more quickly.

The items on the main site, (GypsyRoses.Org), usually come in pre-set colors. Custom colors are often available and usually cost $15 more, depending on the item. Please contact Gypsy~Rose if you have a uniquecolor that you'd like and visit the Custom or F. A. Q. areas for more details *before* requesting a custom design.

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If you require a non-PayPal payment please contact Gypsy~Rose.

Thank you for visiting, Gypsy~Rose looks forward to helping you to... "be a character!" (TM)




unicorn browbands for horses, ponies or humans .......... monodon, narwhal costume horn, unicorn cosplay horn.......... ...........Deer John costume stag horns, antlers, rack, lightweight, handcrafted


draenie horns,draenie costumes,Draenei cosplay, lightweight costume horns ..........pans labyrinth cosplay, xl ram horns, large costume horns, lightweight costume horns ..........Holy Uni! Unicorn costume horns, unicorn cosplay, pony, horse. ......... Oh My Uni! unicorn horns


Aries large "ram horns" in latex and custom brown finish ...........Gnarly Narhwal costume horn, unicorn horn, single horn.......... BRAND NEW!  Brimstone costume horns, cobbleston, pebble, blue, devil horns .......... extra large devil horns, nature versus nurture


Dracolich II costume horns , devil horns, demon horns.......... deer horns,antlers,deer costumes, ..........Uni-Que small, handmade, unicorn horn... lightweight, shimmery white..........Fawn-Tastic, small deer antlers, nubs


Click here for more info. on the Quadra II horns!.......... purgatori horns,purgatory horns,purgatori costumes, devil horns......... Mini Uni horns,unicorn cosplay horns......... Slayer horns,tekken 3 cosplay,tekken 3 horns

Large costume horns and cosplay accessories like no other!




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Gypsy~Rose has been specializing in large costume accessories since 2001! Her goal was to create costume horns like no one had seen for sale before and, due to her working hard to attain this, she has gained some wonderful customers over the years! Here are a few of their comments:


"Hope you like the way your horns look, [in the photo I sent], they were fantastic. I got some many compliments on this costume..." -M. in the US 2010


"I absolutely love my horns. I have been complimented time after time and continue to send people to your site. I thought I would send you a photo so you could see that they are being put to good use! THANK YOU AGAIN!" -E., 2010


"Hi Gypsy~Rose, WE GOT THEM & they are beautiful! They are gonna go so good with our costumes I can barely stand it. We will send yall pictures as soon as we get back from Renn Fest... Thank You so, so much, they are everything we hoped they'd be & more!" -T. in the US 2010


"Yeah! Thanks so much (again). I love love love the horns that got here already. And they do seem to stay on quite well. They're really fabulous. I'm impressed : ) Peace!" -Z. in the US 2009


"Hello! I wanted to let you know that I loved the horns we've gotten from you. They were perfect for our Halloween costumes, where I went as a wood nymph and my boyfriend as a satyr." M. in the US 2009

"Hello, Oh! I am so glad you like the photos, I am so happy about how they turned out! Your antlers / horns are stunning and look so real in the images. Thanks!" -T in Canada 2010


"Hello Gypsy~Rose, I received my horns in the mail today! Thank you sooo much! I love them. They are perfect! When my costume is complete I'll send you photos. If anyone asks me about my horns at Blizzcon I'll be sure to refer them to your site. :) Thanks for all your hard work! All the best." -C. in the US 2008


"They were great and I got so many compliments [on my trimmed, custom Malice III horns]! Also, K. wore his Nature vs. Nurture horns one day with just jeans and a tshirt and we still got stopped everywhere. We told everyone who commented on them just where they could find them too. Thank you!" -L. in the US 2008


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