Gypsy~Rose is still doing phone readings, (but they need to be scheduled with her *before* payment), please. In-person readings are on-hold until further notice. She works full time and only does this on the side, now, so she is not available as much as before.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PHONE READING: please email Gypsy~Rose and understand that she may not see your note for a few days, depending on her schedule.

Once you and she decide on a time/date then payment can proceed. She doesn't want people paying beforehand, though, due to her tight schedule.

Thank you, in advance!

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Gypsy~Rose has been working with the tarot since 1992. She is a New Hampshire psychic that lives just across the border from Maine! She reads tarot as well as uses its symbols to make talismans. She can read over the phone, and did one-on-one readings and tarot parties for people, (before COVID). She also did some group readings and parties with Betty Lipton that she enjoyed! :) If you are interested in getting a phone reading please read on. Prices are listed below.


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Customer Comments:

"Hi Gypsy~Rose, I appreciate you taking the time to do a reading for me tonight over the phone. I am very pleased with the reading. You explained every card to me which no one has ever done before, that was nice. I will highly recommend your tarot card services to my friends and family. I am satisfied with the results of this reading and will be calling you again soon to schedule another! Thanks again" -L. in NH

"My reading with Gypsy~Rose was very accurate, kind of scary almost. she was able to pinpoint things that are going on in my life without asking. I would definately have my cards read by Gypsy~Rose again! :) " C - N.H.


Since 1992 Gypsy~Rose has been doing tarot card readings for New England customers, mostly Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts people but she also do phone readings, for those who live further away or that need a reading quickly. Gypsy~Rose's favorite tarot deck is the Rider Wait tarot but she will always hold a special place for her first deck, the Norbert Losche tarot deck. Tarot readings can help people understand the forces of nature going on around them and even within them that might be completely subconscious. Here's what Gypsy~Rose has to say about tarot cards and readings:

"The important thing to remember with tarot readings is that they are wonderful and, if not, are changeable: if your reading warns of a finanacial struggle in your future then you will know to batten down the hatches and to start spending more wisely. The path of tarot is called that for a reason: if you were walking on a path and saw a large mud puddle you would change course, slightly, to avoid getting covered in it? Probably! Does this mean that the puddle will go away? No. Does this mean that you will stay 100% neat and unstained? Not specifically, a wagon on the same path might still splash the hem of your pants but the damage done would be much less compared to if you had walked straight through! This is what the tarot gives us. It also gives us things like little treasures one might find while off the beaten path, which never would have been seen had we stayed on!

Tarot is a tool in which we are given a glimpse into the universe and what lies before us, behind us and around us. It gives us a look into our own motivations as well as others and can save us a lot of suffering as long as we are willing to do the extra work to avoid it if needed. I had someone call for a reading a while back that was worried about money. His cards clearly showed this and he had good reason to worry, (he was out of work and had been for some time), *however*, one card also symbolized the reading that I was giving him and the counsel he was seeking. I told him of a local employer that is always looking for good people of his trade. Being that he lived in the same town as this business, this was a solid lead, (my husband worked for the same company for 10 years and I used to, also, so I have pretty good inside sources, beside the obvious ones. :) ).

He was seeing his choice as being: 1) money was going to fall into his lap or 2) he was going to lose his home of many years. I was seeing his choices differently, and possibly more logically because I am looking from the outside in and I had the tool of the tarot, showing me clearly that he had his blinders on. I saw his choices as 1) get a job, even if it's not 100% of what you dream of doing and keep it until you find another job or 2) pray! (3 was also a good choice... do both 1 and 2).

My parents are both counselors and I went to college with them when I was in high school, the professors often liked having me sit in class in case they needed a teenager's perspective on something they were discussing, (and since the courses were for guidance counseling in high school also, this was frequent). I liked being there, also, because I learned a lot. Tarot is not only about listening to the universe but also listening to fate and to reason.

This man, above, called me, in specific, for some reason. He was meant to find me. To me, since I did the reading and was objective, it seemed obvious... I had information that he needed. Was this information karmically influenced or given to me by an angel etc. or was this information just what this man needed to hear? The answer, in my opinion, is that it doesn't matter. The end result is the same. "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" can mean many things and, in this case, it meant information and a gentle kick in the pants. As the cards often show, WE MAKE OUR OWN REALITIES. Sometimes the circumstances are beyond our control but often they are not and the cards remind us of this. There is ALWAYS hope and there is ALWAYS something/someone to believe in!

The tarot can help people use the tools they have or find someone to give them the tools they need. It is an amazing gift that unveils mysteries and unravels deception but it is also a look into the mirror that shows us not only what we are but what we can be!

I am an honest reader, I won't tell you that $1,000,000 is going to fall into your lap unless I see it but I will also tell you that, no matter how intense or potentially scary the cards look, that each one has a good side also so 'doom and gloom' is not what I am about either. Tarot readings and talismans have helped me greatly and I hope they will be allowed to help you as well. Life is a gift and the tarot is a reflection of that gift!



Gypsy~Rose's Tarot Readings Price List

Please note that readings will have to be paid before the readings but AFTER a date/time have been agreed upon with Gypsy~Rose. The length of the reading, below, is an estimate, some reading will need more time, some are very basic and need less. The times listed are on the lower end and can be catered to the your needs and Gypsy~Rose's schedule, just contact her to chat more about options.

1 on 1 Tarot Reading over the Phone,
(20 minutes +/- per person, depending on the need)

Once you have lined up a time with Gypsy~Rose just purchase it, to the right, and change the number 1 to however many people will be attending the reading, if needed. Please do not purchase until Gypsy~Rose has scheduled a time with you.

On the day of your reading, at the assigned time, Gypsy~Rose will call you, (so remember to include your number in your e-mails, please).

Gypsy~Rose does *not* post her number online since she is not a full time business anymore. Thank you for your understanding.


per person / reading


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