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Welcome to GypsyRoses.Org's Talismans area!

Gypsy~Rose has been making talismans/amulets since 1992. She can make these items out of things such as; paper, rock, clay, metal or custom artwork etc.! She uses symbols from tarot, runes, i ching etc.. She describes talismans as "want ads to the universe", a way of asking for; assistance, lessons, centering etc.. Please contact her if you are interested in having a talisman made. Please note that Gypsy~Rose usually works 4-6 weeks out.


Gypsy~Rose's also does tarot readings, click here for more info.!


For in-stock products please visit Gypsy~Rose's Etsy Shoppe! Some items ARE made to order, though, so please read the item's description!



Please click on am image to see it's ordering information. Make sure that you have your popup/new window block disabled if you have one.

Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!

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