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Welcome to GypsyRoses.Org's Steampunk Accessories Page!

Some of Gypsy~Rose's In Stock Items: Please check the descriptions, some items ARE made to order.


Gypsy~Rose is known all over the world for costume horns, masks and ears as well as her fine jewelry but she has now added 2 new areas to her repetoire: Gothic Lolita Accessories, and Steampunk Accessories!

On this page you will get a glimpse into Gypsy~Rose's Steampunk Hats as well as Steamboy Cosplay, plus Steampunk Goggles as well as Steampunk Costumes and more! Check in often to see more additions and don't forget her Etsy shoppe, where you can purchase in-stock products!

If you're looking for something custom, like a mini hat or custom, steampunk goggles, then please make sure to visit the custom info. page. Gypsy~Rose's mediums vary from leather to acrylic, rubber to plaster and everything in between so, no matter what you're looking for, there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Gypsy~Rose also does gift certificates, should you want one... or more!

Gypsy~Rose looks forward to chatting with you and to helping you to "Be a Character!".

Elegant Gothic Lolita Mini Hat, Doll  Hat, Doll Cosplay, felt hat with veil


These steampunk hats are perfect for Steamboy cosplay, steampunk costumes, steampunk accessories, victorian hats, bridal hats and more!

Gypsy~Rose designs & creates everything 100% so please note that most work requires 4-6 weeks for processing, since it's made to order usually.

IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT GYPSY~ROSE; Please be aware that she gets bombarded with e-mails. She will do her best to reply to your e-mail quickly. If you do not hear back from her within 2 weeks please re-send your note or call her directly; 603.755.9587 *9am-7pm EST*




What else can you find here? Lots and Lots, ALL designed and created by Gypsy~Rose!:

Designs in this area: Steampunk Accessories, Steamboy Costumes, Steampunk Costumes, Designer, Steampunk Hats, Glasses, Steampunk Goggles, Handmade, Steampunk,, Top Hats, Steampunk Costume, Vintage Hats, Steampunk Accessories as well as Steampunk Costumes, Victorian Hats, also Steampunk Goggles! Steampunk Accessories plus Steampunk Costumes, Designer, Steampunk Goggles as well as Steamboy Cosplay!


Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!



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Steampunk Accessories : 8.53%

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Steampunk Costumess: 5.43%

Steamboy Cosplay: 4.65%


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