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Spiraling Shadows is a Farmington, NH based group of spiritual people that are interested in networking, learning and making friends. We have a varied group of folks from different paths, from Earth worshippers to Discordians, Asatru followers to "Kitchen Witches", Ecclectics and more!

The group was started by myself, Shannon, in September of 1998 in Manchester, NH. Now that we have moved to Farmington the group has come with us. We have met a few, more local, folks and are always open to other newbies!

Our goal is simple; to meet healthy, positive adults with open minds and hearts. We have been lucky in that we have met some wonderful people through the years. Literally all of our friends that we met in Manchester, NH were from the gatherings.


If you're someone who's curious to learn more about other spiritual paths or someone who's a solitary practitioner but wanting to make some friends that you can "talk craft" with please click the link below, (or the "Info." button above), to learn more about our group... we'd love to have you!



Thanks for stopping in! -Shannon, founder of Spiraling Shadows




If you find a broken link or a problem please let me know ASAP so that I can remedy it. Thanks!



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