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Path Collision

Hello again! Our group, Spiraling Shadows, has some wonderful people and wonderful ideas... but they don't always match. This is not a bad thing, so long as we can find common ground. Some people join our group looking to do a lot of ritual and "high magic". We do not do a lot of these activities because of our very diverse group so those folks tend to move on pretty quickly.

It was decided on a while back that we should do at least one thing "on topic" at our gatherings instead of just chatting about anything and everything but religion and spirituality. So now we usually do a discussion, and that works pretty well as long as everyone has a full belly and can focus. Sometimes we also do meditations, visualizations, workshops on various systems, movies etc., we've even done some past-life regressions that have been good. :)


Kids and Gatherings

We don't have many gatherers with kids right nowm save Alb and Shannon, but we do try to limit the amount of wee ones running around, so that folks can relax. PLEASE try to watch the language around any kids, be they inside or out.


Meeting Dates and Times

Our gatherings are usually Saturday nights. They usually start at 7pm and are held at Shannon and Alb's house, in Farmington, NH.


Who's Welcome?

Anyone with an open mind, heart, a respectful attitude towards other's faiths and practices. Non-Pagans are welcome if they would like to learn more about other's paths. We have had a few Christians and Jews in the past who were great fun to have with us and we all learned from one another.

On the whole, if you're sane, (more or less ;), like to laugh and want to make some friends that you can be open with we're probably the group for you! We have a lot of geeks, a few nerds and a lot of people into medieval stuff. We also have artists, teachers, social workers etc.. We are not psychos or stalkers, just folks that like to gather once a month, eat some good food and have some great discussions!


Not Sure, Shy or Hermit-Ish?

If you're still nervous, which is completely normal, please visit our Member's Page to see some of our gatherer's, what they're into. We have had quite a few wallflowers over the years that have blossomed into chatty-Kathys! It is OK, and a good idea, to be cautious when meeting new people online. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you'd like to speak to me about your fears, it's not problem at all. You're welcome to bring a friend or significant other to a gathering as long as they're open minded and OK with the group and our paths.


Where Do I Sign Up?

If you're interested in joining us please click the link below, (or the "Join" button above), to become a part of our diverse, fun and often silly group!


Welcome! -Shannon

If you find a broken link or a problem please let me know ASAP so that I can remedy it. Thanks!



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