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Spiraling Shadows Gatherers
Onto the listings, in order of time attending gatherings, (oldest to newest).

was originally the "reluctant gatherer". He is my husband and was raised in a devout Methodist environment. He has come to call himself "McClectic", (which is what many of us call ourselves... our last name starts with "Mc" so it's a running joke). He is open to ideas but is still reluctant to commit to a title for his path, (besides McClectic). :)

Nimue: has been with us since our second gathering, the Samhain cemetary cleanup.  She is starting up a women's SS chapter called the "Moon Goddess Gatherings" in Somerville, MA.

Moonie: moved far, far away :( Moonie is our resident Discordian.  She joined us just in 2000 and has studied Wicca in the past, as many of our gatherers have, and her interests go from Greek to Inanna, to Eris etc.. Moonie is also Gypsy~Rose's left hand lady at the events that she does!

Jim: also moved far, far away... with Moonie. :( Jim is interested in Norse studies and is now coming to admit that he's probably a discordian like his lovely wife, Moonie. :)

Rich: has been with us since fall of 2001. His interests are too many to list (he reads a lot) but here are a few: history, religion and spirituality in general, Egypt, Greece, reiki, meditation, ritual/ceremony, dragons, elementals. He led our Yule 2001 ritual.

Jamie: took over the Portsmouth Pagan coffee Talks which are now known as the NH Seacoast Pagans. This group has a nice bunch of folks and we try not to overlap meetings so people can attend both groups.

Crystal II: has been with us since we moved to the area, in 2001. She attends many gatherings and come equipped with a cell phone and holster. :)

If you would like more info. please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!  )O(


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