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I thought you'd never ask!

(Spiraling Shadow's founder/host)


Gypsy~Rose, NH artist and Pagan

My name is Shannon, though many know me as Gypsy~Rose.

I started the gatherings in 1998 in Manchester, NH. My husband, though new to Paganism then, has become an integral part of the gatherings now, also. His name is Alb.

I am a work-at-home Mom/artist and also the founder of the NH Renaissance Faire & Samhain Celebration. Over the years we have met most of our friends via the gatherings, since I haven't worked outside the home.

We have enjoyed the gatherings and the people therein. We have met many folks with similar intrerests: gaming, music, anime, medieval/renaissance "stuff" etc.. I have even met one or two other artists through the gatherings.

As with any group things shift and change as the years pass by. We have done our best to shift with them and to work with the gatherers to give everyone something they enjoy, which can be very tricky at times. We think it's due to the fact that we are receptive to other's thoughts and ideals that we have survived and thrived over the years.

On a more personal note., since this is pretty bland thus far, eh? :)

I was born in NJ and raised in central NH from age 3 through the beginning of college. I went to Maine College of Art and got a 4 year, (BFA), degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. I have been a f/t artist, (and event coorindator and tarot reader), since 2001.

I was raised by a teacher and a social worker who then got counseling Masters when I was in high school. My parents are wonderful people with very strong ethics, something they have instilled in me. My sister works in administration for a non-profit health center in NH and my brother just finished his 20 years with the Air Force and has retired, (from service), and moved back to New Hampshire with his family.

My husband was imported from Ohio, :), we were one of the first couples I ever knew of that met online and got married. I know, sounds cheesy. We were married on Samhain, 1997, (he chose the date... LOL). He was raised Methodist and I was raised basic Protestant, (my parents were both raised Catholic). Luckily my husband and I both had good experiences with our pastors growing up so, unlike some unfortunate people we've met with horror stories about the Christian faith, we have a positive view of Christianity and recognize that it's a good path for some... just not us. We are teaching our children about multiple religions as they grow, letting them decide what they'd like to know more about.

Spiritually my interests are toward the ghost/other worldly "stuff". I am pretty feline on the whole whereas my husband loves rats, (they're actually very social creatures). We like animals, on the whole, big dogs and ferrets, coon cats and fish. As for other spiritual stuff I prefer the basics over a lot of pomp and circumstance. Talismans are probably the most intricate work that I do and I have had very good luck with them, knock on wood. :)


I hope this has given you a little insight into who I am and who the group is... though online it's hard to really get a feel for people. Folks are welcome to e-mail me if they have any questions and, for those nervous about coming to someone's home that you've never met you're welcome to bring a friend or a spouse as long as they're open minded and receptive to the Pagan path. They don't have to be Pagan, just Pagan-friendly. :)

If you would like more info. please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!  )O(



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NH Metalsmith, Mom and Kitchen Witch. All work handcrafted by Gypsy~Rose.

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