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Please remember that Gypsy~Rose is a one-woman business and she does 100% of her processes (save the few packages that her husband ships once in a while for her). She is also in Graduate School and will be student teaching until December of 2013 so her bench time and shipping times will be very limited until that date.

Thank you for your patronage and patience during this time!




Gypsy~Rose usually ships every week to every-other week (via 1st class Postal Service unless otherwise specified). She ships in batches to maximize time as she does all of the packaging and shipping herself (as well as making all of the products herself, by hand). If someone needs an item shipped more quickly they should contact her *before* ordering, to see what her schedule is looking like. If an item is a made-to-order one (from this website and not her in-stock area) then 4-6 weeks will need to be added to the shipping time, to give Gypsy~Rose time to make the items and prepare them for shipment.


Creation Time:

As the site says, frequently, Gypsy~Rose usually works 4-6 weeks out (sometimes longer, depending on the queue and time of year) for made-to-order items. The material and processes that are used are very time-intensive and can't be rushed. They are very worth it, though, and the finished pieces are movie grade (and have been on UK and US television etc.). If you are looking for quick and cheap then these products will not work for you. If you are looking for artisan pieces, however, that will turn heads (and bodies) then you are definitely in the right place!



Gypsy~Rose has had an online shop since 2001 and has not had an uphappy customer yet, (except for people that have ignored the "Gypsy~Rose works 4-6 weeks out" notes all over the site)! She strives to keep customers happy and has a large group of repeat customers, which makes her very happy and tells her that she's doing something right. She has been blessed to have fantastic customers!

Gypsy~Rose works with people to get them a product that fits their needs and wishes, and budgets. Customers need to keep in mind, though, that Gypsy~Rose's work is handcrafted and handpainted. She is a human, not a machine, and even the machines that she may use here and there may change slightly and/or materials etc.. Her work will always vary slightly from one piece to the next and she is always trying to make her designs more useful, comfortable and eye catching at the same time!

If you buy something please note that all things will have minor variations. Most people appreciate this as a sign of handcrafted art, (a dying breed these days), those who don't appreciate that line of thought may never, (though hopefully that "human touch" will come to be something they endear!).


GypsyRoses.Org's Return policy is very simple... If a product is not as described, within reason, or is flawed GypsyRoses.Org will happily replace it with the same design or a similar one ASAP.

This does *not* include anything that has been worn or used as those items can't be re-sold. Simple. Easy and it keeps everyone happy!


Any questions? Contact Gypsy~Rose * Please note that Gypsy~Rose has been in customer service for years. She will not tolerate rude people or people that return things after using them. She doesn't have thousands of items in stock to re-stock with...

each piece is a labor of love and a signed work of art. Thank you for taking the time to read these policies!



Customer Comments:

"Hello Shannon, I received my horns in the mail today! Thank you sooo much! I love them. They are perfect! When my costume is complete I'll send you photos. If anyone asks me about my horns at Blizzcon I'll be sure to refer them to your site. :) Thanks for all your hard work! All the best." -C. in the US

"They were great and I got so many compliments [on my trimmed, custom Malice III horns]! Also, K. wore his Nature vs. Nurture one day with just jeans and a tshirt and we still got stopped everywhere. We told everyone who commented on them just where they could find them too. Thank you!" -L. in the US

"I wanted to send you some pics of my costume :) Thank you so much for my [custom wooden finished Nuala] horns! I love them!" -S. in the US

"I just wanted to send you a picture wearing the [Full Circle] horns, I *love* them, and they were the perfect accent to my costume! I got lots of compliments, and handed out your cards, if you have any more cards you'd like to send me, I can mail them out with my packages (I have an online store also!) Thank you again so much!" -D in the US

"Sweetheart, they are simply TO DIE FOR! ... *wipes up drool*... thankyouthankyou thankyou! *Does happy satyr dance*... and a big thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the horns..." -S. in the Netherlands

"The shipment arrived today! Wow! I've tried it all on, and, what can I say, it's just brilliant! It's just incredible!!! The tail is just the right length too, & as you said the colours match really well! Thanks again so much for this little lot!" -M. in the UK


Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!

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