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GypsyRoses.Org's Mini Gypsy Vardo!

Gypsy~Rose finally got a chance to build something that she's wanted to make for quite some time... a gypsy vardo. She created a basic bow top design and did all of the woodworking and painting / staining herself!

After researching gypsy vardos, buggies and wagons, Gypsy~Rose started designing one. She then started looking into ethnic motifs that would work well with the gypsy style and the colors of the renaissance faire that Gypsy~Rose founded, (and will hopefully be able to bring this to), the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire!

This design encorporates many styles, from Turkish to Moroccan, the anti-Evil Eye pattern to Arabesque paintings.


If you're interested in having Gypsy~Rose design and/or make a vardo for you please contact her. She is located in New Hampshire.

Pictures of the mini vardo / playhouse, designed and created by GypsyRoses.Org 8/09 .

The gypsy vardo's "tour" by a mini gypsy.

Gypsy Vardo Front and Interior ... gypsy vardo, bow top, side view, vardos, vardas, caravans, wagons ... mini gypsy vardo back, small, bow top

arabesque patterned cabinet on vardo ........................ interior view of a mini gypsy vardo, with custom painting, persian rug and moroccan  lanterns ......................... boy meditating in a gypsy vardo

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