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Welcome to the Masks area!

Here you will find handcrafted theatre masks unlike anywhere else! These costume masks are designed and created, from start to finish by Gypsy~Rose, a New Hampshire, (USA), mask artist and theatrical mask maker. If you're looking for movie-quality theatre masks, or costume masks, that will blow people minds away and keep their eyes on you, look no further!

Please *note* that Gypsy~Rose usually works 4-6 weeks out. Please see the F.A.Q. section for more information.
Want a custom costume design? Make sure to read the custom orders page before e-mailing!






theatrical masks, theatre masks, commedia d'ell arte

"Sugar Sweet" skull mask. One of a kind and 100% handmade!

Tribal / medieval mask with red gem and silver / gold finish. Handmade and unique!

XL Poison Brow Covers Draconian Mask in Frost Dragon Finish with Matching "To the Point" horns! Feline Fancies Mask in Blk/Gray Tiger Finish with Matching "Griffin" Ears Poison Brows Covers/Mini Masks
Ent Nothin' But a Thing Mask is Silver Birch Finish Draconian Dreams Masks Nature Calls Mask in Green Dazzle Finish Obsidian Mask in Obsidian Finish



Shelved Mask Designs:

These theatrical masks have been put aside due to needing to be retooled from scratch. These costume masks are available by custom order only, (i.e. customers must request a new design and Gypsy~Rose must approve the order... she usually likes to make slight design tweaks to make it a new design with a similar feel instead of redoing the exact same mask). Custom molds cost 3-4 times that of a pre-made design, above, because of their much larger amount of; time, material and focus. Please READ THE CUSTOM ORDER PAGE and then contact Gypsy~Rose if you are interested in ordering a new, custom, costume mask or one of these theatre masks below, thank you!

Poison Ivy Mask in Copper/Green Finish
Flamenco Mask in Inuit Finish
Have Orc Will Travel Mask
the Aarr Patch in Purple/Pink Finish






Please click on a costume mask's image to see it's ordering information. Make sure that you have your popup/new window block disabled if you have one.

Gypsy~Rose has been making theatrical masks and costume masks since 2001. She prides herself on making quality, unique, handmade masks like no other! If you're in the market for a theatre mask for cosplay, costume or a theatrical production, Gypsy~Rose's masks are for you!


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