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handmade sterling silver jewelry, fine designer jewelry, New Hampshire metalsmiths, NH jewelers, New England artists
by metalsmith & jeweler, Gypsy~Rose

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Che' Designs is the fine jewelry of artisan, Gypsy~Rose, who has a BFA from Maine College of Art, 1996, in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. She loves desiging and creating handmade, funky silver jewelry and unique enamel jewelry as well as using other various metals and materials to create her own organic, yet crisp, style! Gypsy~Rose enjoys the design process and making original, one of a kind, textured, contemporary pieces as well as clean, contemporary/modern production jewelry, (for those on a budget).

Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets, chokers and more!

Gypsy~Rose used to only sell her jewelry at events, or by custom order, but she has opened her own online fine jewelry gallery via Etsy and, on occasion, will also take orders from galleries and shows. Please contact her if you are interested in selling her work or carrying it in your store!




Current Galleries that Carry Che' Designs Jewelry are: Salon 263, in Nashua, NH and the Jenny Wren Gallery, in Rochester, NH.


Funky Silver Jewelry, Artisan, Unique Enamel Jewelry & Other Fine Jewelry for Sale!


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artisan silver jewelry: 19.05%

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