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Holy Uni! horn

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Costume Unicorn Horns for Horses, i.e.; LIFE SIZE UNICORN HORN

Almost 12" of extra-lightweight realistically textured, handpainted, uni-horn goodness! This costume unicorn horn can be worn by human, pony OR horse etc..



For in-stock horns see Gypsy~Rose's in Stock Area.


Red . Black . Bone . Brown $64.oo




This is a life size unicorn horn that measure approximately 11.5 " long. These costume unicorn horns are made of a semi-rigid material and can be colored to your needs or purchased using the pre-set colors above.

This life size unicorn horn for a horse is VERY lightweight, (it's hollow), and can also be used on ponies or horses, (or humans), for perfect costumes that are very realistic! These costume unicorn horns come mounted on a clear elastic cords and come as a SINGLE horn, (not a set). This costume unicorn horns' base can be sewn through with a leather needle with caution, if needed, for mounting onto a bridle etc.. You can also build a horses bridle strap set to fit around the horns' base, (which has a flange), as shown below:


unicorn horns for horses, custom unicorn costumes, small to large unicorn horns, narwhal horns


Costume horns' base colors cost $64 and are: red, brown, bone and black. Custom finishes and colors, like that shown above, are $15 more. Please contact Gypsy~Rose if you would like to get a different color(s)/finish or visit her horns page for other styles!




Thank you!



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costume unicorn horns: 17.46

unicorn costume horns = 7.94

life size unicorn = 17.46



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