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GypsyRoses.Org's Page of Goth Link, Fashion & Gothic Accessories!

Dark Side of the Net: Dark literature, dark news, dark topics, dark art, dark entertainment, dark computer goodies, Dark Discussions, Webrings, Cliques & Chat, dark movies / horror, dark music, dark links, dark online shops, Halloween & haunted houses etc..

Morticia's Morgue: vampires & gothic, Halloween / Samhain, witchcraft & magick, New Orleans, macabre TV & movies, wednesday's child, cemetaries & death, women, fashion & guns etc..

PARAseek: paranormal search engine, ghost galleries, sightings & maps, investigation groups & help, prophecy & metaphysics, Wicca & spellcrafting, shopping etc..

The Stranger Dreams: Portland, ME's goth scene.

DarkNet: Portland, ME's World of Darkness LARPs

Beautifully Chaotic Designs: "goth, gothic, fake, synthetic hair, human hair, weft, track, braiding, rexlace, plastic lacing, curls, colour, color, dreads, dredds, dread, twists, twistie, falls, ponyfalls, silky, toyokalon, kanekalon, weave, yaki, braid, two-tone, elastic, ribbon, plastic, lacing, tubing, falls, fall, cyber, cybergoth, clubkid, steampunk etc.."

Fetish Kitten: " Fetish Kitten is the largest guide to online goth and fetish retail sites. We provide the most complete and organised list of links arranged in an easy to navigate way. Each category in the menu to the left contains links to sites that sell or have information about those items in a variety of styles and types. You'll find Goth, fetish, punk, cyber, vintage and many more. If you don't see it, just ask for it." *note: the last time I checked the banner exchange was NOT working & the owner's e-mail was bouncing but the rest of the site seems intact.

DarkFaery Subculture: you name it, it's on here, from garb to unicorns, fairies wings to mucis downloads. *note: the last time I checked the site submission form was down but all else seems intact.

Halloween Links: costumes, directories, ghosts, music, recipes, postcards, general, graphics, software, documents etc..

By Blood Alone: ONE of my models-to-be's, (Cruella's), band. From Portland, ME.

Chateau Bizarre: a great site with almost anything you could ever want to buy or look at, "Small based business at it's strangest". From merchandise reviews to freak tests, article submissions to free catalogs and more!

GothNet: Goth News, Goth Community, Goth?, Goth Writings, Goth Art, Goth Chat, Goth Forums, Goth Links & More!

Good Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Hair Dye, Bags, Jewelry, Stickers, Books & Gifts.

From Dust EZine:

Gothic Personals: pretty self explanitory, free and clean to use.

Blue Blood: cool site with lots of links and great photos.

Goth Night: Goth links, goth news, goth calendars, goth forum, goth music, goth people etc..

The Neitherland: Vampires / Death / Gore / Goth / Role Playing / Wicca / Fairies Links.

RetroKitten: "Founded in 2000, RetroKitten is a networking tool for models, photographers, artists and performers in alternative genres (pin-up, gothic, rock-a-billy, punk and retro) to find others to work with."

My Own Brain: from handmade clothing to stickers to herbal eye pillows and more, this site is truly eclectic and fun.

Dare Gothic: A UK based site with "gothic and fetish clothing, gothic lingerie, pvc, rubber, sexy shoes, stompy boots, tights, collars, posters, flags, printed t-shirts, hoodies, makeup, jewellery and gifts!"


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