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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers; To be kept up to date of what Gypsy~Rose is creating and doing please bookmark her DA gallery/journal and stop in often, she's always adding new items of interest!


Please *note* that Gypsy~Rose usually works at least 4-6 weeks out and that any items needed before 6 weeks should be e-mailed or called about first to see if Gypsy~Rose will be able to make the item in time for you or if she has another similar items in stock. Please also *note* that rush orders have a fee attached to them, depending on when the item is needed by. Orders received that are rush orders and have not had a rush order fee paid will be put on the queu along with all of the non-rush orders and may NOT reach you in time so make sure to double check with Gypsy~Rose, and pay your rush order fee, *before* ordering.
1) How do the horns, ears & masks stay on?
Most items are strung on clear elastic strap, which is very comfortable and virtually invisible! To make the cord tighter just add another knot. All pieces come either tied loosely/big or untied so people can tie to fit. Add knots on small increments because taking them out is very difficult. Some items are prosthetic, and not on cords, and will need to be glued on. Most item's descriptions will say which method they use. If they can be prosthetic *or* strung the default option will be strung, (unless you let Gypsy~Rose know ahead of time).

2) Does Gypsy~Rose have stock on hand?
Gypsy~Rose has more stock on hand than she used to but, usually, items are made-to-order, thus the 4-6 week lead time. If you're in a rush please look around the site and check her in stock area to see if there is anything there that you'd like.


3) What colors can items be made in, besides the ones shown?
Most items can be custom painted with various finishes. Almost any color can be made. Custom colorations usually cost $15, unless they are highly detailed, (like a faux wood finish etc.). Given Gypsy~Rose's busy schedule right now (Graduate School, Graduate Assistant teaching Undergraduates + two businesses etc.) Gypsy~Rose has been taking fewer custom orders, please contact her if you'd like something you-nique and she'll let you know how the queue is shaping up.


4) Why do Gypsy~Rose's pieces cost more than some other costume suppliers?
Gypsy~Rose is an artist and each piece is a signed work of art, not a piece whipped out by the thousands from a factory overseas. Gypsy~Rose does 100% of the process, from designing the pieces to creating them and hand painting them, she even does her model's makeup and photography! She has a BFA from Maine College of Art and is working on her MAT (Masters of Art Teaching) and doesn't do this as a hobby, it is her livelihood. She has specialized in movie-quality costuming since 2001!



5) Why does Gypsy~Rose have such a long lead time, (4-6 + weeks)?
Gypsy~Rose has a lot of customers at this point and most of those customers want custom made items, (i.e. things that need to be made to order), so she doesn't tend to keep a lot of stock. Because of this customers get exactly what they want but it takes a little longer, (it's worth it, though)! She does sometimes have in stock items listed in her In-Stock Area, including some custom pieces also. Stop in to see what she has available and please make sure to read the description to make sure that the horns etc. are in stock and not made to order.



6) I live outside of the U.S., does Gypsy~Rose ship out of her country?
Yes! Gypsy~Rose has many overseas customers! Shipping and Handling fees will depend on your location, the size of the order and when you'll need it by. Most non-US shipping fees are between $10.oo and $40.oo USD, depending on the size of the item(s) and the time in which they need to be shipped. Tracking is NOT provided for items, (unless noted or paid for in advance), as it is very expensive, (usually $45 or more)! If you would like tracking please contact Gypsy~Rose before ordering.



7) I have something I'd like re-created, would Gypsy~Rose make it for me?
If the item is an ancient, non-copywritten piece Gypsy~Rose would be happy to consider crafting a new one for you, though she will be taking on fewer custom commissions over time. If the item is something already being made or copywritten, though, she cannot. She will be happy to work with you to design something in a similar design, though, that still suits your style! Click here for more details.



8) How did Gypsy~Rose get into doing this?
Gypsy~Rose went to Maine College of Art and got a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. She also unofficially minored in ceramics. She always has known that she was an artist and enjoys many different mediums, which is why she has such a variation of art offered! She got into making horns, specifically, by making her husband some horns to wear to a LARP (live action role playing game) and he came home with requests for horns. The rest, as they say, is history!



9) I would like to model for Gypsy~Rose, how do I go about doing so?
If you're a unique model, (preferable one that looks like they know what a fork and spoon are and have used them recently), that would like to be photographed please send Gypsy~Rose a picture of yourself. *No models under 21 please*. You must also be local to New Hampshire and have transportation, as shoots usually happen near Gypsy~Rose's base.



10) What events will Gypsy~Rose be at, or openings?
Gypsy~Rose vends at the NH Renaissance Faire, a charity event which she founded in 2005! Once she is done with Graduate School (hopefully by the beginning of 2014) she will try and start doing a few more local faires and conventions / events again.



11) Where is Gypsy~Rose located?
Gypsy~Rose is in New Hampshire, (USA), on the Maine border. Close to the ocean but not *quite* as close as she'd like.



12) Does Gypsy~Rose have any hobbies, favorite movies, artists etc.?
Gypsy~Rose sings and loves to listen to music, though her options have narrowed over the last few years due to various "climate controls". She loves Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos but will always have a weak spot for NIN and Pantera too! She is an anime fan but it a novice compared to some. She also like things like Firefly and Farscape as well as things like the Discovery Channel and TLC. As far as artists go Gypsy~Rose tends to prefer realists over abstract artists. She would prefer a Waterhouse over a Picasso. Gypsy~Rose's loves include: COFFEE, almost anything Asian, (especially Chinese), the ocean, redheads, (3 in specific), home decoration, cowboy and combat boots, renaissance faires, cats and almost anything feline, open minded folks and good music!



13) How did Gypsy~Rose get her name?
Gypsy~Rose's middle name is "Lee". When she was a child her parents used to call her "Gypsy Rose Lee" because she was always artistic and loved dressing up and singing, (and there was a vaudeville entertainer, back in the day, which used to have that name; Gypsy Rose). When Gypsy~Rose decided to become a visual artist, (over a musical one), she wanted to become a fashion designer. She thought of a name which was much catchier and swankier than her real name, (which is very Irish sounding and didn't exactly roll off the tongue or scream :fashion:), so she chose the business name "Che' Designs", (pronounced "Shay"). Gypsy~Rose looked at colleges which offered Fashion design but most of them were in highly populated cities where she felt rather uncomfortable... being that Gypsy~Rose was raised on a mountain in NH. She looked at Maine College of Art, finally, (though it was called Portland School of Art back then)... She fell in love instantly! Four years later, with a BFA in hand, she started selling her jewelry part time while working full time at a "normal" job. In 2001 Gypsy~Rose started making costume horns. She then started making ears and, when she started working with flexible materials, she then broadened her horizons to masks. As this progression occurred Gypsy~Rose realized that "Che' Designs" just didn't fit since she was doing so many different mediums and design types. She then chose to use her childhood nickname of Gypsy~Rose and the rest, as they say, is history! All thanks to her Mom and Dad. *Note: if you look at the signature on a piece by Gypsy~Rose you'll notice that it says, Che', the same signature Gypsy~Rose has been putting on her art since grammar school! Che' Designs is back now! Feel free to bookmark CheDesigns.Com to see some of Gypsy~Rose's designer, fine jewelry!



Thank you for reading!



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