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Welcome to GypsyRoses.Org's ears area!

Here you will find costume ears and cosplay ears unlike anywhere else! These pieces of art are designed and created, from start to finish by Gypsy~Rose, a New Hampshire, (USA), artist.

Please *note* that Gypsy~Rose usually works 4-6 weeks out. For; Anime, Foaly and Chibi style, though, she might be able to fulfill orders more quickly. Bakeneko take more time to make, due to their intricate materials. Contact Gypsy~Rose if you have a rush order or questions and/or check out her new F.A.Q. page.

Want a custom design? Make sure to read the custom orders page before e-mailing!



anime ears:kitty cosplay ears ...... mouse ears,ferret ears,bear ears,rat ears,cosplay ...... mithra ears,mithra cosplay,mithra costumes,mithra costume accessories ...... chibi ears:kitty cosplay ears ...... chibi chibi ears:kitty cosplay ears

Please click on am image to see it's ordering information. Make sure that you have your popup/new window block disabled if you have one.


For in-stock products please visit Gypsy~Rose's Etsy Shoppe! Some items ARE made to order, though, so please read the item's description!


Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!



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