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Welcome to GypsyRoses.Org's custom info. area!

Please note that Gypsy~Rose usually works up to 6 weeks out.
Want a custom design? Make sure to read this page in it's entirety before e-mailing! Thank you!

Gypsy~Rose does a lot of custom work. She has been slowly becoming more selective about what custom orders she takes on because they have a tendancy to "gum up the works", time-wise, and some people want identical reproductions of recent pieces that other artists have made, which she won't do. Gypsy~Rose has a BFA in design, not just fabrication, she loves working with customers to make them something truly You-Nique.

For some examples of custom pieces please visit Gypsy~Rose's DeviantArt gallery, where she posts updates and other new work.

When preparing your note to Gypsy~Rose please include any information about the piece and design that you might have; material, size, weight, color etc. if you have a design in mind already, (and send along a few reference images if you have any). Please also make sure to let Gypsy~Rose know your budget! This is a very important factor because many materials and methods can be used to alter the costs of a piece. It saves Gypsy~Rose a LOT of time in her quoting preparations if she knows what you're looking to spend so she can quote within that range. This does 2 things; 1) saves Gypsy~Rose time and energy and 2) you get the best quotes and options that all fit within your budget!

PLEASE NOTE THAT CUSTOM/NEW HORN OR EAR DESIGNS WILL USUALLY COST 3-4 TIMES THAT OF THEIR PRE-DESIGNED COUNTERPARTS. So, for example, if someone likes a pair of horns that cost $75, but wants the horns to curve more or be slightly larger etc., they would have a custom price of around $260 or more, depending on the change in design. This difference in price is due to the fact that custom/new designs have to be 100% reproduced, from scratch and take 3-4 times the materials and labor, sometimes even more! Sometimes customers will order 2 or more pairs to bring the cost per design down because the subsequent horns, made from the new design, will be a pre-design price, (since the new mold is already made etc.).

Contact Gypsy~Rose with any questions or to place a custom order. Thank you for reading!


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