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GypsyRoses.Org's Page of Cosplay Hairstyling and Anime Makeup!

Want to cosplay a character but don't know how to transform your face or hair? Well, now you will! Here you will find tips and tricks to make your hair and makeup look as good as your costume, with easy tutorials and videos to show you how!

Gypsy~Rose wanted to add some more reference material to her site for those wanting to complete their cosplay ensemble and their whole look. Many of these links will be helpful for everyday makeup and hair but can be taken a step further for over-the-top costumes and outfits! Gypsy~Rose did makeovers and color analysis as a job once and now does it for her own models and customers! Her own tips will be included, above the videos, to help fill in any blanks. Just look for the *!

Enjoy your tutorials and how-to's, happy learning!


Everyday makeup, goth and glam looks as well as acne-prone skin care:

* "If you have small eyes avoid using liner on the inside of your lids, it makes your eyes look closed. Draw from the center of the eye out, on the top and the bottom, to get the smoky feel without looking sleepy!"

* "If you are heavy or have a very round face try using a darker toned powder to make your face appear thinner. Just brush it below your chin, below your cheekbones and on the sides of your face. I also use a powder shadow, a kind of tawny purple, if I need extra definition."

* "If you have the opposite problem, and have harsh features that need to be softened, try using the darker tones powder or shadow in a different way. If you have a long or pointy nose just add a little to the tip and smooth it in well."

* "Always remember to set your makeup with powder so that it won't smudge! This will also help to absorb oil."

Gothic Makeup

Everyday Makeup by a Makeup Artist

More Everyday Makeup by a Makeup Artist

Care and Makeovers on Acne-Prone Skin



Female to Male Makeup,

This one is for Link cosplays but is applicable for any female to male costumes:

* "The main point of female to make makeup is to accentuate the features, like the ridge of the nose and jaw, while downplaying the eyes and lips. This young lady does a good job of showing how in a very succinct way!"





Male to Female Makeup & Enhancement,

(if you're offended then just don't click, these men have opened their homes in an effort to educate, please respect that). Drag Queen Makeup is an art to itself but these tutorials are for more everyday makeup for men.

* Male to female makeup's point is to do what we described above the first movies: soften the features! With this, though, must also come playing up the eyes."

* "An important rule of thumb in makeup is to choose one feature to focus on: eyes or lips. If you do both you'll look like a drag queen, and not in a good way, if you do neither you will look virtually unchanged. If your lips are thin or you will be drinking/eating a lot I suggest playing up the eyes instead."



Anime Hairstyles and Tips:

* "Hair wasn't my forte' until a few years ago. I have very thick, wavy and coarse hair... exactly what one cannot have for 99% of the hairstyles in magazines! I finally discovered 2 words that changed my life... 'Flat Iron'! If you're like me the below styles would not be possible without one, (unless you thinned/layered your hair a LOT). Many new possibilities will open up to you should you become proficient with a flat iron, though. I highly recommend them! Make sure to use the protective sprays etc. with them, though, as heat can be very damaging."

* "There's always option B, also, wigs! They can be inexpensive or fancy, small or huge. Try them out! If you have a big head make sure to buy one that is a larger size, though, for as in clothing... one size does NOT fit all!"



Geisha makeup and kimono wrapping/dress


We hope you have enjoyed your little jaunt into Cosplay Makeup Tips and Tricks and Hair How-To's!


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