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dah, dah, ddaaahhhh!

Here's a basic list, (since the old one got wiped), of what is acceptable behavior at gatherings and what's not. It is assumed, (yeh, I know what assumption does, LOL), that if you attend a gathering you will follow this list. Any questions please contact me.



1) ON PERSONAL SPACE... if you can smell someone's breath... you're too close!

2) ON HUMOR... we all joke, please get to know someone before trying any non-PG, or questionable, humor.

3) ON TOUCHY-FEELY-NESS... we are not an after hours club, if you want to grope others please do it elsewhere.

4) ON NEEDY-NESS... listen as much as you speak, so that we all get a chance. Attention seeking should be left at the door.

5) ON COUNSELING... we're here for support, not free counseling 24-7, please contact Shannon if you need to talk.

6) ON PROPERTY... gatherings are held at Shannon & Alb's home please respect their property and their neighbor's.

7) ON TOPIC/LANGUAGE... when you're on the porch, or kiddos are around please stay PG! Very important.

8) ON RITUALS... we'll do them once in a while and they will be *basic*, (not Wiccan specific).

9) ON OUR DISCUSSIONS... we try to do one thing on-topic per month; meditation, discussion, regressions etc..

10) ON CHILDREN... contact Shannon if you'd like to bring little ones, please.

11) ON DRUGS/ALCOHOL... no illegal drugs on the property at all, over 21; please drink within your means!


So, that's the list, very basic as you can see. About 99% of people that will read this will agree that it's just basic etiquette, this is for the 1% that doesn't! If you have any questions please contact me, we look forward to seeing you soon!

PLEASE NOTE that we ask people to not post on our facebook, (with the exception of a brief introduction), until they have attended a gathering in person. This helps keep flame wars at bay, long story. Once you've met us post away but please don't send forwards, anti-Christian type of stuff or scary forwards; "don't go to movies there may be hypodermic needles in the seats!" etc..


Thank you!



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