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GypsyRoses.Org's Customer Comments

Gypsy~Rose, (aka Shannon), has been blessed with the opportunity to deal with some of the most wonderful customers on the planet, (and from all over the planet too)! She thanks one and all of you for your patronage and support over the years. Below you will find some of her customer's comments. People's names have been abbreviated to protect their identity.


"Oh [Gypsy~Rose]! It's perfect!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! Thank you THANK YOU!!!! You can bet I'll be looking into more horns from you! The quality and workmanship is fantastic! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can't wait to share photos of the costume with you!!! =D ~ A.M. in the US, 2011


"Hope you like the way your horns look, [in the photo I sent], they were fantastic. I got some many compliments on this costume..." -M. in the US 2010


"I absolutely love my horns. I have been complimented time after time and continue to send people to your site. I thought I would send you a photo so you could see that they are being put to good use! THANK YOU AGAIN!" -E., 2010


"Hi Shannon, WE GOT THEM & they are beautiful! They are gonna go so good with our costumes I can barely stand it. We will send yall pictures as soon as we get back from Renn Fest... Thank You so, so much, they are everything we hoped they'd be & more!" -T. in the US 2010


"Hi Gypsy Rose! Many years ago, maybe 3, maybe 4, you made me an awesome ‘foam’ unicorn horn to use on my pony. It is really awesome, and I’ve been selected this year to be the unicorn for 9 weeks at the local Ren Faire. This is a first, as usually unicorn horns look so hoky the management doesn’t bother. But of course yours looks awesome! I would like to order 2 more horns, as back-ups. The faire opens in July, and since I’d like the horns with a little room to spare, hopefully this gives us enough time to work together. Thanks very much!" M. in the US 2010


"Yeah! Thanks so much (again). I love love love the horns that got here already. And they do seem to stay on quite well. They're really fabulous. I'm impressed : ) Peace!" -Z. in the US 2009


"Hello! I wanted to let you know that I loved the horns we've gotten from you. They were perfect for our Halloween costumes, where I went as a wood nymph and my boyfriend as a satyr." M. in the US 2009


"Hello, Oh! I am so glad you like the photos, I am so happy about how they turned out! Your antlers are stunning and look so real in the images. Thanks!" -T in Canada 2010


"Hello Shannon, I received my horns in the mail today! Thank you sooo much! I love them. They are perfect! When my costume is complete I'll send you photos. If anyone asks me about my horns at Blizzcon I'll be sure to refer them to your site. :) Thanks for all your hard work! All the best." -C. in the US 2008


"They were great and I got so many compliments [on my trimmed, custom Malice III horns]! Also, K. wore his Nature vs. Nurture one day with just jeans and a tshirt and we still got stopped everywhere. We told everyone who commented on them just where they could find them too. Thank you!" -L. in the US 2008


"I wanted to send you some pics of my costume :) Thank you so much for my [custom wooden finished Nuala] horns! I love them!" -S. in the US 2008


"Hi Shannon, The horn arrived today. I was surprised, that's really fast! It looks great. And is very light, you are right! It is for one of the gods of the setting, you know. And just what we need! And this larp..I was not planning to miss it." - I. in the Netherlands 3/07


"Shannon, I received the wolf mask today. It looks great! Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly. I’ll send you a photo of the actor wearing the mask at the end of March or so… Thanks again!" - C. in the US 3/07


"Hey Shannon! Just wanted to let you know, the shipment arrived today! Wow! I've tried it all on, and, what can I say, it's just brilliant! I look fantastic in it! The horns and mask really work well together, the colours suit perfectly and I can't help thinking I look like some kind of bizarre ram/wolf hybrid, it's just incredible!!! The tail is just the right length too, and as you said the colours match really well! I'll get a few pics done in the next few days, but I wanted to let you know straight away that it all got here safe :) Thanks again so much for this little lot! :D Cheers! M." UK customer 2005


"I have a couple more (and better) pictures of the amazing horns you made for me. I've attached My favourites of the lot on to the end of the email. I do want to thank you again for taking on the project. The horns came out better than I could have hoped, and everyone, including the artist who draws the character I was portraying, absolutely loved them. I still get compliments about the horns. Again, thank you for such amazing work. I hope you like the pictures. Sincerely, G." G. was in a Dawn contest at DragonCon, (he was playing Death). Another customer of Gypsy~Rose's was in the same contest and won 1st place!


"Btw I still absolutely LOVE these horns,wear them all the time,get asked all the time are those real? I respond of course they are lol..Not neccesarrily real as in implanted,but they are very real and made out of something :P lol" 2006 customer from the US


"Just wow, oh you are so going to get pictures of me in mostly full costume. Ears, tail and hands. Cause god only knows I love to take pictures ^-^". A. in the US 8/06


"Hello Shannon! We got home today, & we're sssooo exhausted!!! But I wanted to send some pix. as promised!!! Your work was amazing... I was stopped all day to have my pix. taken by people. Even some people that work at the festival said it was the best unicorn costume they have ever seen! Here are a few pix from my camera... If someone sends more that are good of your work, I'll send them to you as well! Thanks again!!!" L. in the US 10/06

"I got the horns today - they are absolutely gorgeous!! The blue is the exact shade I wanted, they are perfect! Thank you again so much, and I'll definitely be sending some pictures!" -D. in the US 6/05


"I received the horns in time to give them to my daughter for her birthday. She was thrilled. Thanks for getting the horns to me in time." -G. in the US 5/05


"I just wanted to send you a picture wearing the horns, I *love* them, and they were the perfect accent to my costume! I got lots of compliments. Thank you again so much"! -D. II in the US 6/05


"You freakin' rock... thank you so much... The tail is amazing, the horns look great, and the forehead piece is great. I am going to promote you to anybody I can... Wish you would have given me more Biz Cards...Thanks again!" -G. in the US 3/05


"I just wanted to send you a picture wearing the [Full Circle] horns, I *love* them, and they were the perfect accent to my costume! I got lots of compliments, and handed out your cards, if you have any more cards you'd like to send me, I can mail them out with my packages (I have an online store also!) Thank you again so much!" -D in the US


"Sweetheart, they are simply TO DIE FOR! ... *wipes up drool*... thankyouthankyouthankyou! *Does happy satyr dance*... and a big thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the horns..." -S. in the Netherlands


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