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Brimstone Horns

brimstone costume horns, gargoyle cosplay, Goliath, Demona, Bronx, costume

Shown with Purgatory Horns and Brow Accents (made by customer)

Red Shimmer Black Bone Brown $64.oo

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These are a BRAND NEW costume horn design, called "Brimstone"!

... a single pair of horns, as shown below.


Your horns will be made to order in YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR: black, brown, red or ivory. These devil-ishly styled costume horns have a heavy, pebble / cobblestone, texture and are very versatile! They can be worn "forward" or "backward". They can also be slid up or down on the head, or more forward or back... giving many different looks with just one pair of horns!

Thanks SO much to my customer, above, for sharing her great photo of herself modeling her Brimstone and Purgatory horns that I made her. Looking great, L.!

Thank you for stopping by my Shop and for supporting handmade art.


brimstone costume horns, gargoyle, goliath, draenei,  succubus, demon, devil, imp, horns



WHAT MAKES THESE HORNS SO UNIQUE, (beside their style)?

1) They are VERY lightweight! Gypsy~Rose has spent years perfecting a process that allows her to make hollow horns, which are virtually feather-light!
2) Lightness does NOT equal softness with these horns! These horns are semi-rigid and *durable*. Gypsy~Rose designed them, originally, for LARPers, (live action role players... the folks that go out in the woods and hit each other with padded items of destruction)!
3) Comfort! Gypsy~Rose strings her horns on a clear elastic cord that is so easy to conceal it is amazing! It is comfortable and lightweight but fantastically strong.
4) Gypsy~Rose's costume horns are handmade in New Hampshire. She doesn't have a team of 50 employees churning these out by the thousands. Gypsy~Rose makes each piece, herself, from start to finish. She also mixes each finish by hand, so each pair is You-nique!
5) Custom orders are a regular occurrence for Gypsy~Rose. Want a bright pink pair with glitter to match your neon lolita outfit? No problem! Want a pair that looks like it's got Moss growing on it and graying bark? Let me know and I can forward the message or have her chat with you directly! Custom finishes cost US $15.00 more, usually, but are well worth the cost to get exactly what you want.
6) Gypsy~Rose can do other designs and accessorizing, also. She can add decorations to the horns, (tiny bells for Yule, Ivy for summer renaissance faires etc.). So, that's what has kept her in business since 2001... Drop me a line for more details!


This style costs $64.oo for basic colors. Basic colors are: Bone, Black, Red and Brown.

Custom colors and finishes are $15.oo more. Contact Gypsy~Rose if you're interested in a custom finish, please. These horns are made out of a semi-rigid symthetic latex material and are VERY light!



*Please note that Gypsy~Rose's turnaround time is usually up to 6 weeks from the date of payment as most products are made to order and *everything* is made, start to finish, by Gypsy~Rose, herself. Each item is a signed work of art!

So, if you plan to do a draenei cosplay, succubus cosplay or something of the like, these are the horns for you!



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