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Mithra ears, mithra costumes, mithra cosplay

Bakeneko Ears


These are a new ear design, by Gypsy~Rose, that are lightweight and virtually indestructable! They are designed to sit a little farther back on the head, (though can be worn more forward if you wish), and are pointed back slightly to look a little more kitsune/fox-like. They also work well for Mithra cosplay or coyote costumes etc.!


This style costs $47.oo for basic colors: Bone, Black, Red and Brown.


The pair on the left is finished in a custom teal base with aqua highlights and the pair on the right are finished in a brown base with a textured effect. Custom colors and finishes are $15.oo more. Contact Gypsy~Rose if you're interested in a custom finish, please.




*Please note that Gypsy~Rose's turnaround time is usually up to 4 weeks from the date of payment as most products are made to order.


Click on a color swatch to order pre-set colors

Red Shimmer Black Bone Brown $47.oo



Thank you!



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