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GypsyRoses.Org's Page of Asian Art Inspirations!

Out of touch with your Asian studies? Never been in touch with anything Asian? Want to be exposed to Asian Sculpture, Chinese Painting, Anime, Popular Japanese Snacks, Sushi and Mandalas all in one feel swoop?! Well, you came to the right place!

Gypsy~Rose has been interested in Asian Art for as long as she can remember. When she was in college she had the privilege of having a Chinese teacher, (Gan Xu), that taught a semester of Japanese Art History and Chinese Art History, both were wonderful! At the time Gypsy~Rose was also working with clay and getting interested in tea ceremonies etc.. she also lived across from a terrific little Asian store in Portland, ME. :)

Since college she has still been interested in our Eastern friends and slowly exposed herself to more of their culture, in small steps. Below you will find her slow evolution and self education about Chinese and Japanese aesthetics as well as some of her inspirations, examples of her art and some of her favorite online shops that sell fun goods and Gypsy~Rose's artistic process.


So, being enveloped in Asian interests, and having the opportunity to watch and chat with a Tibetan Monk that her teacher had brought over for a visit, (that took days to make a sand mandala and then "released" it into the ocean), Gypsy~Rose was soaking up all things Asia as quickly as she could. This page will be a little walk through that segment of her mind! The links will be to other sites and also through her works and inspirations.

plum blossom inro

Some of her guilty pleasures, at the time, were: Ginseng Gum, (which she only found out recently, gives one very "Earthy" breath but she still loves it!), little Japanese flower candies, fruit drops, fortune cookies, rice pottery out of porcelain and tea. Her tastes, and personal study of more recent Asian Art and society have given her a love of new things like: Gothic Lolita, (not that she'd wear it but it looks cute), whole leaf and Pu-Erh tea, gaiwans/gai beis, pocky, Feng Shui, Yixing pottery, throwing off the hump, (a wheel throwing term... she hasn't done it much but wants to start), tea ceremony, (now that she's slightly more educated about it), norens, plum blossoms, lanterns, inros and netsukes, (which are usually attached to the end of an inro's rope), Chinese kites, Tibetan prayer flags, Koi, Chinese paintings, bamboo, rice balls, (aesthetically, she hasn't eaten any yet), sushi, (aesthetically, she doesn't have much of a personal taste for it). She also enjoys Asian music, geishas and dance as well as tai chi, (though she is brand new to it), and pressure points /acupressure and reflexology, (once again, new to it but wanting to learn more.


Sushi Anyone? earrings and tie tacks ........

As far as some of her more contemporary inspirations, Gypsy~Rose loves shows like: Samurai Champloo, (she loves Jin), Fruits Basket, (Shigure and Kyo are her favorite characters), Avatar, Gundam Wing, (Duo is her favorite character), Inuyasha, Totoro, and almost anything by Studio Ghibli... if nothing but for the gorgeous backgrounds!

Gypsy~Rose has tried making some of her own Chinese food, also, just a few basics like her favorite, "General Tso's Chicken" and her husband's favorite, "Shrimp with Lobster Sauce". She is a big fan of Americanized Chinese food like steamed dumplings, spring rolls, chicken with broccoli and lo mein. She and her husband also love terriyaki!

A while ago Gypsy~Rose started on a hunt for the perfect hanging to go behind her bed on the wall, something as wide as the bed and about 3' high if possible. She found a wonderful Koi kite, with two koi forming a yin/yang symbol, (perfect feng-shui-wise), but the dealer fell through. she has been searching and searching and found a few things that almost fit but she has resolved herself to the fact that she may have to make something, herself, that will fill the bill...something with koi and bamboo or plum blossoms.

Now that Gypsy~Rose is wheel throwing again and loving working with water based clay, like she used to, she is designing tea cups and tea bowls and is very excited to start making them. Her new mugs, that she just finished painting as of 1/10/09, have sushi and squid on them as well as koi and she is looking forward to bringing them back to be divvied up: hers and "for sale". :)

We hope you have enjoyed your little jaunt into what inspires much of Gypsy~Rose's brain!


Below are some links to Inspirations and Shops that Gypsy~Rose has dealt with as well as some wonderful art she has found... happy surfing!


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