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Gypsy~Rose's 2 dimensional art area;

Some images are linked to larger views/details.


People & Places;

from photojournalistic shooting to portraits and snapshots, Gypsy~Rose does it all! If you need a photographer for an upcoming event, be it a family reunion or a theatrical debut, or want portraits done, just ask Gypsy~Rose and she will capture you and your guest's personality & spirit!

Gypsy~Rose's Parents Farmington, NH gothic teenager
kitty ears, cosplay ears merry go round plankton through the looking glass baby portrait




Animals & Nature;

Gypsy~Rose loves capturing animals and nature, be it a garden herb or a gray heron. She has fallen in love with macro photography, as the floral close-ups show, and looks forward to doing more!

skunk photo a chocolate lab, chesapeake bay labrador retriever
sweat bee closeup echinacea flower   red yarrow macro photo
rhodedendron closeup with dew bark macro photo hens and chicks closeup local grave with flag, Farmington, NH
  rudbekia/black eyed susans ocean / boats / cove photo on a whale watch, post whales



Logos & Web Design;

Gypsy~Rose has been doing logo and web design since 1997. She loves the challenge of tying a symbol to a name and making the two seamless. If you need a web site or logo just visit Gypsy~Rose's web/graphic area, Moon~Shadows, for very affordable design!

mrp machine logo
my migrant soul's website   the renaissance faire that Gypsy~Rose founded



Product Photography:

Many people neglect their images, online and off, let Gypsy~Rose help make your products shine! A picture, really is worth 1,000 words!
SS large Ankh necklace SS patterned rings Mini Sushi Anyone? Earrings


If you'd like to have Gypsy~Rose do some portraiture, home or curb photography for you just drop her a line! She'll be happy to discuss types of photos with you and, as far as portraiture goes, she has a whole portrait setup and multiple backdrops/props!

If you're a gallery interested in selling Gypsy~Rose's prints and images contact her and she'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please include what type of prints you're interested in and if you're looking for unmatted, matted or matted and framed etc.. Thank you!


Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!

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