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Looking for Gypsy~Rose?

Sorry to say that Gypsy~Rose is on sabbatical right now... making a splash with her degree!

[   UPDATE:  Gypsy~Rose WILL be at the NH Renaissance Faire in Kingston, NH on May 9/10th and 16/17th, 2015.  The NHRF is a charity event Gypsy~Rose founded in 2005 and sold in 2011 to a group of dedicated volunteers and the land owners.  To date is has raised over $46,000 for local non-profits!  Please stop by and say "HI!".  If Gypsy~Rose is not there her husband, Al will be or her devoted salesperson, Kitty.  They hope to see you there!  ]

Gypsy~Rose has been offline quite a bit due to her putting her newly earned Masters Degree to work.  Over the summer She is hoping to make some more art over the summer, costume horns, masks and maybe even some fine jewelry... time allowing.  Gypsy~Rose apologizes for her offline-ness in the interim and hopes to touch base with her loyal fans, customers and friends ASAP.  Thank you for your patience!

Once Gypsy~Rose is back online more she will post her contact info. again.  Right now she doesn't have time to give people the personal attention they deserve so she is holding off on posting an e-mail address until then.  Thank you, again, for dropping by!  Please feel free to check out Gypsy~Rose's work on DeviantArt, in the interim, though.

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